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The world’s first market place where SME’s, corporates and government can directly hire highly skilled experts by the hour..

Expandr is completely unique in the recruitment space. We are not a job posting site.
We are not a traditional recruitment site. We simply provide an open marketplace where highly skilled professionals and businesses seeking to engage them on an hourly, part time or short-term basis.

At Expandr we want to keep jobs and money in Australia that is why every highly skilled professional who lists on Expandr is only from Australia.

They can engage you for an hour, a day, a week, one day a week/month or whatever their need. This flexibility works both ways which enables you to apply your skill set across numerous businesses across multiple industries.

Businesses search on google or directly on Expandr for a category, specialisation or even your name directly. If they search via google, over time your name will appear higher in the google search algorithm. This is thanks to our proprietary search algorithm which harnesses expanders AI and natural search capability.

It is FREE for highly skilled professionals to join.

It is FREE for highly skilled professionals to join.

First, you get a free profile. Think Linked in but better.
In your profile:
1. You can highlight your skills, areas of specialisation and your hourly rate.
2. You can upload your capability video and overtime be able to display the types of tasks you have completed and your rating score.
3. You have access to a powerful inbuilt calendar (think Calendly but much, much better) where you can set the times you are available for bookings/tasks.
4. You also receive free access to enterprise Zoom. This ensures that every meeting/session/task time that is booked by a business to engage you an automatic zoom meeting is created. This is automatically added to your diary and an email is sent to the person booking you.

When you join Expandr you are given a personalised url which is a permanent link directly into your Expandr profile so you can list it on Linked In and any of your social networks. Here you will have total control on who you release your personalised Expandr url to your network.

Within 48 hours of your task being completed we will transfer the amount owing to you from your employer. If there are milestones in your task you will be paid at the conclusion of each. As Expandr includes a payment gateway you will never have to worry about invoicing or chasing debts again.

Expandr takes a modest 10% from each task completed. This includes a 2% merchant transaction fee that we pay on your behalf.

No. there is no charge for companies to access and engage directly with thousands of Expandr professionals.

At Expandr, companies are in total control of the search and engagement process. Using our advanced search algorithm, you can search by category, name or expertise.

As a highly skilled professional you must have a proven track record in delivering excellent results in your area of expertise.

Ideally you will have:

- Strong skills and experience in your area of expertise
- Experience in hitting the ground running and making an instant contribution no matter the industry
- Have left the shackles of the corporate world behind you and get things done without meetings for the sake of meetings.
- Are keen to make an instant contribution to the ROI of a business you work with.
- Have got a broad contact network yourself to draw upon for extra knowledge sharing.

Ideally you should also have:

- An ABN or ACN
- Relevant professional qualifications

If you are operating as a ABN or ACN it is highly recommended that each Expandr have their own insurance for:
1. Professional Indemnity – min $5 Million
2. Public Liability - $20 million

There are at least two kinds of users of Expandr:
1- Experts, which we like to call them Expandrs
2- Clients, which can be companies, government, or simply public users

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