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Ann Kristine Peñaredondo
Berge - Altenwerth

One time, I was looking for a brand name for my exceptional skills in social media management. Everywhere I searched, “social media manager” always shows up. I wanted a unique name not only because I want to stand out among the rest, but because I would like the name to represent what I really do. Since 2012, I have ensured fan growth and engagement on social media platforms of different brands and industries through content research, content curation, and online promotion. Upon realizing it, I noticed that I could compare it to someone who is a builder. As a virtual assistant with exceptional skills in social media, I help build social media presence and nurture relationship with fans. With these in mind, I dropped the “manager” title and changed it to Social Media Engineer. Your company can rely on me to: - Use social media to tell stories that leave a desired emotion impressed upon your fans. - Convey stories via photos, short videos, testimonials, blog posts and other forms of content so you do not have to think about what to post tomorrow. - Apply appropriate social media etiquette by handling complaints and moving them off the public forum and into email and phone calls. - Analyze data that measures efforts so I can report it to you in an understandable manner. This is surely help you identify other ways to run your business. - Use tools and systems to save time, money and increase your business growth. - Think of innovative ideas and successfully implement them to achieve goals. - Keep current with the latest news and updates in your industry so your brand/company can be seen as a leading authority. As a Social Media Manager for a Singapore-based company, I was in-charge of managing several Facebook pages in different industries, including retail, lingerie and dairy products. I created contagious content, ensured smooth run of contests, and engaged fans in conversation about the brands. On the other hand, I was able to increase the number of leads for an Australian debt collection agency through social media presence.

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